Object Company was founded in 2014 by designer Catherine Johnston. The concept arose from a desire to develop traditional skills in woodwork, metal and ceramics, and to apply these is a practical and design-led manner. 

Woodwork has become the primary medium in Catherine's practice, but she intends to incorporate ceramic and metal designs into her ever-changing collection during 2018.

Each item is unique, and created in small batches, dependant on available materials. All materials are either locally, sustainably and ethically sourced, or recycled.

Longevity, durability, design and sustainability are key focus areas, and they will continue to inform the project over time.

Each piece is cut out, shaped and finished by hand. Every items is unique, allowing for creative freedom and an ability to respond appropriately to the chosen material. This lack of restriction allows for a heightened appreciation of the tools and processes.

The Object Company workshop is based in Mount Florida Gallery & Studios in Glasgow's Southside. 


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