Object Company was founded in October 2014 by Catherine Johnston.

The concept arose from a desire to learn traditional woodworking skills, and to apply these in a practical and design-led manner. Each piece of wood is responsibly sourced and has been grown in Scotland. Longevity, durability, design and sustainability are key focus areas and they will continue to inform and improve the project over time.

Each piece is shaped, carved, sanded and finished by hand. Every item differs from the last, allowing creative freedom and a heightened enjoyment of the tools and materials used.

Catherine received a BA (Hons) in Drawing and Painting from The Edinburgh College of Art in 2010. This time allowed for an experimental and considered approach to materials, form and colour. Her training has allowed for a unique approach to woodworking that is displayed through her experimental approach and appreciation for colour, shape and texture.

Future projects will be geared towards improving her woodworking skills and experimentation with ceramics and metal. Collaborative projects will provide a platform for experimentation and playfulness, and allow the objects to retain a freedom of sorts.

Object Company is based in Mount Florida Studios, a creative space set up by Catherine in 2015 when the necessity for a workshop space became essential. There are eight other creative businesses housed within the studios, providing a welcome community feeling. The workshop is open Monday to Saturday 10-6pm, please get in touch if you would like to arrange a visit.

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